Practical information

  • Yes, the game can only be played on reservation. You can make reservations via our reservation form or via 06 11 228 839.

  • About 5 minutes before your booking time you get a brief instruction about the game and what to expect. Next you have 60 minutes to escape from the Room, the average playing time is 55 minutes. After your escape, we welcome you, talk about your experience, and make a group photo.

  • With our three Escape Rooms we can house a maximum of 19 people at the same time. Are you with more people? Look at the possibilities for arrangements. Is your desired package not listed there? Call 06 11 228 839 to consult.

  • A confirmation email is sent immediately. This sometimes ends up in the unwanted mail, so always check your spam box. No confirmation email? Contact us, something might have gone wrong.

  • It is advisable to be present 15 minutes before your booking time, then there is enough time for a toilet visit and instruction for the Rooms.

  • Our Rooms require little physical effort, it is mainly an exciting event and not so much a dangerous one. For pregnant women we do not recommend The Cabin due to small physical effort.

    The Rooms are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

    If you play the Rooms correctly (do not use brute force or stand on the furniture for example), the game is certainly not dangerous. Nevertheless, you always play at your own risk.

  • Our employees watch and actively listen during your game. If someone experiences the space as claustrophobic, you can always leave the room early and, for example, accompany the rest again at a later time.

  • We have a minimum age of 14 years for Terrorist Threat and The Cabin, for Room 313 this is 16 years. This has to do with the themes of the Rooms and the level of the puzzles. Exceptions are possible in consultation, but as a children’s party in itself our Rooms are unfortunately not bookable.

  • A limited number of parking spaces are available at the front of the building (free of charge). If these are full then you can park for free at the Emmakade by using a blue card, during office hours it can occur that you have to search for a spot for a few minutes.

  • Each Room can be played in Dutch and English. You do not need to state this ahead of your booking.


Call us at +31(0)6 11 228 839 or book by clicking the button below!