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Escape Room 058 is the first and only thrilling reallife escape adventure in Leeuwarden. By combining basic logic with out-of-the-box thinking, riddles have to be solved, locks cracked and secret information needs to be decoded, in order to escape withing 60 minutes. Experience an intense, nerve-wrecking journey in which time and reality blur and behind that lies great danger, since time is key!

Escape Room 058 is perfectly suited for groups of friends, teambuilding, family gatherings, bachelor parties and other groups up to seven people who dare to face the challenge.


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    Verschillende uitdagingen

    Note: we recommend inexperienced players to play the Terrorist Threat room first.

    Terrorist Threat Room 

    The AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service) is keeping a close watch on a terrorist headquarters. All of a sudden the suspects rush out of the location. Shortly thereafter a video is received in which they threaten with bombings. With great urgency you, a team of specialists, is mobilized to save The Netherlands. You have only one hour to find the bomb ánd dismantle it. Tic-tac-tic-tac!

    The Cabin 

    Officially the property has been empty for years, but it is swarming with bums and drug addicts. However, you have been witnessing strange things. An inexplicable scent, minivans arriving in the dead of night… Curiosity beats fear and you enter the building. That odd smell again… Was this a good idea?

    Room 313 

    Several guests before you have disappeared and no one has heard from them since.  Is there really truth in that old curse? You daredevils defy fate and book room 313 nonetheless. Upon arrival the janitor is behaving very peculiar. This does not feel right… Will you make it till the end of the night?


    Ben je benieuwd hoe eerdere bezoekers onze Escape Room hebben ervaren of wil je ons zelf verrassen met een recensie? Dit kan op verschillende manieren:


    Record The Cabin: Team Timmermans


    Record Room 313: Team Melinde


    Record Terrorist Threat: Team IBBI33



    Lees aandachtig

    The game
    • Minimum age for participation is 14 years. Younger participants permitted under adult supervision and only after consultation with Escape Room 058 first
    • 2-6 persons per game is ideal. Playing with 7-8 persons at own responsibility! Given the limited space it will affect the game joy and therefore it is not recommended
    • People who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be denied access to the Escape Room
    • When at the start of the game, an employee of the Escape Room has concerns about the condition of a participant, the employee has the right to refuse the participant. Consequently, the right to a refund becomes due
    • You must be present at the exact time of reservation, if not this will be deducted from the game playing time
    • There is camera surveillance for the safety of the participants. Instructions should always be followed
    • It is not permitted to use brute force during the game. Any damages will be charged to the participant(s)
    • Access to the Escape Room and playing this game is at your own risk
    • Watches, phones and other devices to tell time are forbidden during the game, we provide lockers to store these items
    • We are not responsible for loss of personal belongings or damage caused to them. Lockers are made available to store valuables
    • The delight of playing the Escape Room is preserved when one talks merely about the experience, but not about the secrets. Consider yourself therefore obliged to secrecy


    Bekijk hieronder de tarieven

    2 players: €80,00 per game, €40,00 per player
    3 players: €90,00 per game, €30,00 per player
    4 players: €100,00 per game, €25,00 per player
    5 players:€110,00 per game, €22,00 per player
    6 players:€114,00 per game, €19,00 per player
    7 players: €119,00 per game, €17,00 per player

    Reserveer nu!

    Kies de gewenste datum en tijd en vul je gegevens in


    • Reservations can be made through the reservation system below, if you want to book last minute you can contact us on 0611228839 or send an e-mail to
    • After reserving a time/date you will get a confirmation by e-mail. It is possible that this e-mail ends up in your SPAM. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, the reservation did not come through. In that case please contact Escape Room 058
    • Is your preferred time not listed? Let us know by e-mail: In case of a cancellation near or at your preferred time, we will contact you right away
    • Payment can be done in cash on location


    Please choose your date and time and fill in the form to book




    • Cancellation is free of charge until 48 hours before the appointment
    • If you cancel between 24 and 48 hours 50% of the price will be charged
    • If you cancel within 24 hours, the full amount will be charged
    • With a no-show the full amount will be charged
    • For cancellation send an e-mail to The cancellation is completed only after confirmation by Escape Room 058


    Grotere groepen? Kijk hieronder!

    Voor grotere groepen (tot 19 personen) kunnen de rooms tegelijkertijd gespeeld worden. Daarnaast bieden we de volgende arrangementen:


    Paddy O’Ryan:


    • Arrangement diner (vanaf 4 personen): broodplank en hoofdgerecht, keuze Irish Stew, Paddy Burger of Fish and Chips + Escaperoom  € 37,50 per persoon.
    • Borrel & bite arrangement(vanaf 4 personen): 2 drankjes (bier, wijn, fris) pp en gevarieerde snacks + Escaperoom € 35,00 per persoon.


    Leeuwarden City Events: 

    Escaperoom Experience: Escaperoom & Escapegame (8-14 personen)

    Wat is een Escapegame?
    Een Escapegame speel je in de buitenlucht. Met tablets los je met je team diverse codekrakers op en ben je via gps onderweg in het hart van de stad.

    Escapegame Leeuwarden
    De stad is in rep en roer omdat dokter Crypto meerdere mensen heeft gegijzeld en opgesloten in hermetisch afgesloten kamers. Hij vraagt een flinke bak met losgeld voor elke gijzelaar, dat betaald moet worden voordat de klok op nul staat! Aan jullie de taak om de gijzelaars te bevrijden. Er valt geen tijd te verliezen!

    Wat is de Escaperoom Experience Leeuwarden?
    Om ook groepen met meer dan 7 personen te bedienen, combineren we in samenwerking met Leeuwarden City Events een Escapegame met onze Escaperoom. Het ene team start met de Escaperoom terwijl de andere met de Escapegame begint. Na anderhalf uur wisselen we. Kortom een reallife game experience! We beginnen en eindigen met een consumptie in een gezellig etablissement.

    • Tijdsduur: ca. 3 uren
    • Inclusief: 1 consumptie bij ontvangst, escapegame, tablets, escaperoom, spelbegeleiding, afsluitende consumptie, btw
    • Exclusief: overige versnaperingen
    • Prijs: € 39,50 per persoon


    Voor meer informatie mail of bel +31611228839!


    Bekijk hieronder veel gestelde vragen

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    De Emmastate in de hoofdstad van Friesland vormt het decor voor Escape Room 058. Het dak van dit monumentale pand bestaat uit een laag beton, anderzijds deed de kelder in het verleden dienst als schuilplaats bij eventuele (atoom)bommen. In de Tweede Wereldoorlog is de Emmastate nog frontaal door een projectiel geraakt, maar zij heeft de tand des tijds uitstekend doorstaan. Het pand kent een zeer rijke historie waarvan slechts een gedeelte gedocumenteerd is...



    Address: Emmakade 59, Leeuwarden

    Phone: 0611228839


    Working hours

    Mon. - Fri. 13:00 till 23:00

    Sat. - Sun. 10:00 till 23:00

    Reservation is necessary