5 escape rooms

Houdini’s Academy

Harry Houdini was a world-renowned magician and illusionist. He showed the whole world that he could escape from any set of handcuffs and any enclosed space. Just before his death, he decided to share his secrets, and for that, he went looking for worthy successors. Are you ready for the Houdini’s Academy entrance exam? You have exactly one hour to beat the time set by your legendary teacher!

Attention: you will be physically locked shortly.

2-5 persons (recommended 3-4)
Duration: max. 60 minutes
Difficulty level: ★★★☆☆
Success rate: 70%

Save The Zeppelin

All other zeppelins have been taken down. Your crew has the least experience of all the crews, but you are the last hope. Search for survivors and face an invisible enemy. Can you beat them or will you go up in flames too?!

2-6 persons (recommended 4-5)
Duration: max. 75 minutes
Difficulty level: ★★★★☆
Success rate: 65%

Room 313

Several guests before you have disappeared, and no one has heard from them since. Is there really truth in that old curse? You daredevils defy fate and book room 313 nonetheless. Upon arrival, the janitor is behaving very peculiarly. This does not feel right… Will you make it until the end of the night?

2-6 persons (recommended 4-5)
Duration: max. 60 minutes
Difficulty level
: ★★★☆☆
Success rate: 72%

Terrorist Threat

The AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service) is keeping a close watch on a terrorist headquarters. All of a sudden, the suspects rush out of the location. Shortly thereafter, a video is received in which they threaten with bombings. With great urgency, you, a team of specialists, are mobilized to save The Netherlands. You have only one hour to find the bomb and dismantle it. Tic-tac-tic-tac!

2-7 persons (recommended 5-6)
Duration: max. 60 minutes
Difficulty level: ★★★★☆
Success rate: 55%

The Cabin

Officially, the property has been empty for years, but it is swarming with bums and drug addicts. However, you have been witnessing strange things: an inexplicable scent, minivans arriving in the dead of night… Curiosity beats fear, and you enter the building. That odd smell again… Was this a good idea?

2-6 persons (recommended 4-5)
Duration: max. 60 minutes
Difficulty level: ★★★☆☆
Success rate: 67%


Room 2 pers 3 pers 4 pers 5 pers 6 pers 7 pers
Terrorist Threat €90 €105 €110 €120 €135 €140
Room 313 €90 €105 €110 €120 €135 n.b.
The Cabin €90 €105 €110 €120 €135 n.b.
Houdini's Academy €110 €115 €120 €130 n.b. n.b.
Save the Zeppelin n.b. €115 €120 €130 €145 n.b.


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